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We can help homeowners over the age of 55 to achieve their financial objectives, whatever they may be…

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Equity Release & Lifetime Mortgages Herne Bay, Canterbury

What We Do

With many years experience in Financial Services, we are a specialist in Later Life Lending and can help home owners over the age of 55 to achieve many of their own financial objectives, whether that be paying off existing mortgage, helping children onto housing market, lifetime holiday, new car or improved income.

We are at your service to discuss the pros and cons of raising the money that you need to achieve your dreams and objectives.

When could equity release be right for you?

Have you considered taking money out of your property to repay your existing mortgage, make home improvements, have a holiday of a lifetime or maybe helping the family. If you’re over 55 and own your home, you could be eligible for Equity Release. We’re here to help by advising you on all the options available to you.